Sunday, November 23, 2014

FNSI & 800th Post

Friday night was
Hosted by the lovely Wendy at Sugar Lane Quilts I had a little task in mind. A young friend of mine is going to be a Mum in the very near future and as we know what the new little person is my colour choice was made. I had drawn a "boyish" letter  "J" and wanted to stitch in a soft blue....
As you can see I got it all done. Thanks Wendy for having us at your place again. I have been visiting here and there to see what you all got up to. So nice stitching with you all.  I did start early though after a lovely visit from my bestie Ann. I had asked Ann to make me a special card for a special friend (not a blogger) and I have to share as it is gorgeous!
Sorry it is not a better photo but I love it and I know my friend will too!
Aunty M and I are very happy to tell you that
"Bear Hugs Alphabet" is ready. The cost $14.00 Aus plus postage for overseas customers.
I am sure all you "bear' lovers out there will enjoy my drawings as I loved creating them.
I also have "8 Quilt Labels" pattern ready too. There are 8 different designs including several Christmas ones. Perfect little stocking stuffer  for your stitchy friends or a gift for yourself.
The cost is $10.00 Aus plus postage for overseas customers. If you would like either of these just email me.
***Please be aware that there are no projects included in either of these patterns. They are my line drawings only for you to use in your own projects.
***800th POST***
Yes folks this is my 800th post and I want to thank you all so much for being such a wonderful part of my blogging and friendship journey. I just love being able to express myself and share with you all.
Now I have a little celebratory giveaway.....
This year I decided to really appreciate all my lovely Gingie themed decorations etc.
and so I have decorated the area off my kitchen in all things "Gingie"
This is where all my Frosties usually go but it is toooo hot this year and I don't want them to melt so a small contingent are going to be in a cooler spot.... anyway I digress (must be the rush of sugar from the Gingie corner) The two patterns in the draw have a gingie or two so it seemed fitting.
I thought therefore you might like a copy of my "Christmas Fixin's" booklet, my new "8 Quilt Labels" pattern and 3 festive fat quarters ( one of them I have to say must have been chewed instead of cut lol!) bit crooked. So there you are if you would like to be in the giveaway leave me a comment and tell me what you love about blogging. OVERSEAS FRIENDS... I will do an extra draw for you but no fabrics I am sorry due to postage cost restrictions, just the patterns. So make sure you tell me where your hail from!
Thank you one and all for reading my sometimes loooong epistles and responding with such affection. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

This little Elf is taking it easy today in this heat.....a bit more tiding around the Christmas decorating may or am not happen. Only the Christmas tree to go but I like to do that on December 1st and really take my time as so many of my loved ones, family and friends are a part of my Christmas tree and I love to treasure and think about everyone who has contributed to it and what they mean to my family and I.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Acts Of Kindness

This week I have been truly blessed with "Random Acts of Kindness". Yesterday the postie left me a parcel from a very lovely lady Joy from Bundaberg. Joy knows I love to draw and look what was inside...
A lovely tin of pencils (all grades) and a great sketch book. Joy has made be a gorgeous bag to carry them in as well. They fit in perfectly so I can take them with me whenever I want to. Thank you so much Joy. You are kindness itself. If we had more people like Joy in the world it would be a much better place xxx
On the subject of drawing I have been doing a little. Are you ever looking for a quilt label to stitch for that special quilt or handmade Christmas gift? Well I know I am and so I decided to draw a series of  8. I will always have them at hand then.....there a couple of Christmas ones, stitching ones and ones  to use for any occassion....want a peek at the drawings?
  I hope to have the drawings ready in a little packet along with the Bears Alphabet very soon.
What do you think?
Ok I am off to unwrap my new pencils and smell that brand new paper...weird I know but hey I like weird!
Please be kind to one another as it really does have the power to lift others up.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tying up Loose Ends

I guess all of you out there are doing the same know finishing off those gifties (or starting them!) and those Christmas projects. Well I have been doing the same. I seem to be strangling in binding lately.
A spot of quilting in the ditch....I don't know how you clever girls do it. My ears were up by my shoulders by the end of it....and it is only very small! But it is done and binding is on. I also attached the binding to my
"Bluebirds" quilt...
It is going to kill me to wait to show you Fiona's gorgeous quilting on it....oh LOVE it!!
I made my "Life is Beautiful" free stitchery from into a simple cushion because I didn't want to detract from the gorgeous I know where it is going.
 I really loved stitching this design. Thank you so much Stacey for sharing it.
Speaking of sharing, I have been very blessed this week. Firstly my DD gave me an early Christmas gift. I have a modest collection of Old Country Roses Christmas decorations which I try and add to each year. DD came upon a little bargain and I get to have them now so I can hang them this year....sooo pretty!
The very lovely Kiwikid - Sue whilst on her recent fantastic trip to the UK sent me postcards from some fabulous Tea Shops she visited as she knows I love them...
Beautiful! Sue also indulged my love all things "Gingie" and sent me this delightful Theadora Cleve Gingie button...
I really want to make an ornie to pop him on for my "Gingie" Christmas tree. Isn't he cute??
Thanks so much for spoiling me xxx
I am off to play amongst the Teacups with my lovely friends today at my stitching group....might even get a stitch or two in.
Whilst waiting outside a local shopping mall for Mr R I just happened to be seated in front of these beautiful blooms and being a dedicated blogger just happened to have the old camera in my "Snap!" Got some funny looks but hey beauty is all around us and all you have to do is notice.

Have a lovely day all.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Nice When Projects Work Out

Do you remember this little pile???
Well I discarded some things and added others...did a bit of drawing and stitching...
and I love how it turned out....just a bit of a peek now. I am afraid you'll have to wait a wee while but I am sure you are going to like it.
Ok Gotta fly! Have a wonderful Monday.
You know who you are!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Linen and Lace Revisited

I had such a lovely time at the last....
That I had to go again and I took a may know her. Teresa from All Things Vintage .....
Such lovely company and much oohing and aahing over all the lovely treasures. Coffee had to be taken of course.....I think i almost love this bit the best...almost! Beautiful roses from Marilyn's very own garden adorned our table.
Of course special teacups were the order of the day.....which one will we have?
Our vintage tea cloth was just gorgeous.....hand embroidered with cross stitch.
I can't show you my purchases because they are gifties but they did come from here....
My friend Tracey White's lovely table and of course Marilyn's beautiful shop.
I had to have a quiet word with the little people who lived on this gorgeous stall...
and tell them I was Christmas shopping and I was very sad that they couldn't come home with me today  :(
Thank you Teresa for your lovely company today.
Ok on the stitching front this little phrase has been running continually in my head -
"I'm late! I'm Late for a very important date!!!" So it has been head down and tail to the! sew! sew!
and then .....quilting, quilting quilting!!!
Hopefully tonight will see me finished and then a tiny bit of binding and I will be done...Yay! Phew! I think I am actually going to make it.
Would you like to know what has been side tracking me...apart from instruction writing?
Lovely brand new pencils and drawing paper...
For me it is like having chocolate in the cupboard and saying "I'll just have one"....can't be done!
Well that's me caught up. I am off to hop in the pool for the second time since I arrived home to cool off. A bit of a scorcher here today.
Take care,
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Felties are Fun

Today I am chained to the computer whilst all around me my fabrics and threads are urging me to come and play....never mind "attitude is everything" they say! I just wish they weren't so pretty.
As I have said before I love embroidering on felt and I wondered what a little rose would look like on a little Christmas Birdie?
I think she is very sweet! I hope she likes where she is going to for Christmas.
I also have some show and tell. My friend Lorel has finished stitching my design "C" is for Christmas. Lorel used different fabrics for her frames and I think it looks lovely.
I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's version of this design and you all seem to have enjoyed making it which is great and makes me very happy.
Thank you for all your lovely encouraging and excited comments about my Calendar Bears last are all so very good to me.

Have a great day all,
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Calendar Bears

I have some exciting news for those Bear lovers out there who enquired of me when my "Calendar bears would be available. Well I am now allowed to share with you that my sweet little bears will be available to you as a stitch-a-long in Country Threads Magazine commencing in January 2015.
The bears and I are so very pleased with ourselves....particularly yours truly as a lot of creative love has gone into this quilt and I cannot wait to share it with you. A preview of the quilt will be on the cover of the Magazine in January so that you get a sneaky peek of what it will look like.
I will remind you closer to the Issue coming out so that you don't forget to get your copy.
Short and sweet today....well for me anyway!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx