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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


After the push to finish Splendid Sampler I have had a little break from stitching....well a couple of days lol! I have caught up with my favourite mags...
Worked on my art journal prompts challenge  (52 weeks) a different prompt each week.....I found that cute picture on Pinterest.
Very interesting exercise......hmmm! It always puzzles me.....I can draw but my handwriting is come? Learning never ends....
Last week I collected my drawing "Lady Mitchell of Lightning Ridge " from the framers and hung it on the wall....just a little chuffed!
My little Kingfisher friends found a frame as well.
Like most of the East Coast of Australia at the moment its a bit damp and very humid!
My poor Cooktown Orchids don't know what is going on and have decided to send out some flower spikes...crazy! They usually flower in my garden around June. So they are a wee bit early. I will enjoy them just the same.

Due to the damp, I am going with the flow today, enjoying the showers and getting back to my UFO, and working on my Baltimore Quilt borders some more.

I wish you a lovely day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ta Da!

I am one happy little version of Splendid Sampler is finished!!!
I managed 97 blocks which included quite a few bonus blocks....I am happy I hung in for most of the blocks......especially considering my aversion to machine sewing!
Even happier that I have a completed quilt. I do love the blocks around the centre block and of course my favourite French General fabrics. You would thing my scraps would have decreased but the  bin seems just as full!
I  can at least say that I did Block 1...

and Block 100...
There were just a couple missing in the middle lol!
Huge thanks to Pat Sloan, Jane Davidson and all the other designers  for all their hard work and sharing their creativity with us  throughout the year.
So now back to my other projects.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Good Fun

Yesterday we celebrated my Dear Daughters birthday....a little belated but worth the wait.....I make no apologies for loads of photos.
The Birthday girl.
The venue was Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre at The Gap and the theme was "Boho" lots of pretty dresses and flowers etc. The company was exceptional and the table was so pretty and the food delicious.
The cake was scrumptious and the flowers on top just set it off beautifully.
We all indulged in Henna tatooing....

Lots of props for crazy pics....
DD and her bestie Danielle who took a lot of the photos, getting their groove on...

DD and DIL....such wonderful young women.
I piked out but love this photo with my girl.
We giggled over memories....

Laughed over the above photo as DD is rarely without her camera lol! We should have known.
Love this photo Danielle took of DD. Her dress was just gorgeous!

Our lovely photographer Danielle.
My lovely DIL
Such a beautiful day with beautiful women.....almost forgot I was old enough to have a Daughter of such an age lol!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


March's .....
was last evening. WENDY over at Sugarlane Quilts was our hostess.
I had a "day"as well as a"night" sew in. It was going to be a Splendid Sampler sew in.
I was determined to get my top finished. I began with getting borders on the centre.
I joined both sides of blocks and top and bottom. As I wouldn't have this amount of time available again for a while I very naively thought I could get it together and then stitch the hexagons to the inner border....
Hexies made....
Well things are quite often better in took me the rest of the night to get one row of hexies appliqued down. It was so ungainly an uncomfortable to hold.
So I almost got it finished. But not quite! I will save the reveal until I have the other sides done.
We have finally had some quite heavy showers which the garden has loved. I love the little puddles of water on the leaves of this succulent.

Well my personal Barista has my coffee ready (he has a new toy) so I best be away.

A little something to ponder from Tiny a lovely weekend. 

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

RSC for March was the colour RED. Being a lover of gorgeous red I had quite a few choices.  So the 4 patch is done and this month it was a butterfly applique.
And then there were 3!
Today I ventured down to my friend Gayes for stitching group. We were a small group but had a very nice time just the same....delicious fare and lots of chat. I did sew.....lots of little hexies. I am still adding to my version of my Splendid Sampler quilt. I am making the hexies out of all those leftovers in my French General fabric scraps. While we were there.....
We had a couple of little Magpie visitors, 2 adults and 1 juvenile......who sqwarked the whole time lol! It seems parents of all varieties have whingey kids!
They are amongst my favourite Aussies, so I was thrilled with the visit and they weren't afraid of us at all! I suspect that they get tidbits from humans. It's always lovely when nature decides to interact with you......even for a few moments.
We have had some very heavy showers here.....yes!
Ahhh! Comfortable sleep tonight!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Special PS

Today our lovely friend CHOOKYBLUE chose to dedicate her fundraising walk for Cancer research to our son. He is currently undergoing treatment for Melanoma.
We are so very touched....just had to say thank you Chooky xxxx
If you wish to help Chookys efforts you can visit her blog (click on her name at the start of my post) and read the relevant post on Saturday 25th February.
Knowing others understand how you are feeling is no small thing.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Day on the Green

I  hope you enjoyed your I enjoyed mine. Mr. R., DD, DIL,DS and myself went to Siromett Vineyards for a Day on the Green. We had never been before. The attraction was
One of the founding members from our favourite band the "Eagles"....we throughly enjoyed every minute. Richard Clapton and Jewel were great too.
You will have to excuse the old lady in the white being warm....hate being hot! Lathered ourselves in sunscreen until sundown!
 The Mister and I.
Our Daughter.
Our Daughter in law and Son.
There has been a little sewing. I finished the appliqued centre for my Splendid Sampler quilt.
Next step, try out that blue for borders.
So back to my Baltimore borders now.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx