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Sunday, April 27, 2014

No 1 Big Birthday! And Other Stuff.

Yesterday our eldest Granddaughter Charlotte celebrated her 1st Birthday. Boy has time flown. From this wee baby...
To this big grown up girl...
And you have to have pressies on your big day too..
So Happy First Birthday and big hugs Charlotte xxx
On the stitching side of things I have finally finished my very old UFO "Love is" a Rosalie Quinlan design I did as a block of the month, I don't know when!
I bought Quest for a Cure fabric for the final border and did the stitcheries in a very bright pink (so not me!!) but I love how it has turned out. Little close up...
It is nice to be able to have it out of the cupboard of neglected projects. Wonder if the other projects miss it?
Over Easter I basted up a quilt from the Michelle's Secret Long Term Project group. Want to see a sneaky?
It is already to start quilting now...if only the weather would get a little cooler. It was quite heavy going quilting "Love Is" in this warm weather.
The lovely warm  weather however allowed us to finally get our garden finished.
We cleared the area in November 2012....shocking I know!
Anyway we got out the blocks and shoveled loads of lovely organic soil...
Put in some new plants, mostly of the tropical variety (they need to take care of themselves) and some azaleas which I seem to be able to grow...I think it is the soil rather than any gardening prowess on my part.

I am looking forward to seeing them all grow and look a little more lush than they do now. We made three small terraces down to the front and also shoveled loads of mulch. Still a little work to go on the original front garden but we were very pleased with all our hard work.... we found muscles we had forgotten we had!

Now a little spot of rain would help a lot. Well I think that's it folks and I have caught you all up on what I have been up too. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Happy birthday Charlotte. They do grow so quickly. Lovely stitching.

  2. Happy birthday to your wee GD Michelle and she is a real cutie.
    Oh your UFO is now finished and looks fantastic,well done,and i am loving your new garden,well done,hope you are having a lovely day my friend.xx

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous granddaughter.
    Always great to find a UFO and finish it. Looks amazing.

  4. You garden looks great Michelle... And I bet the bath felt good after all your hard work!
    Happy birthday gorgeous! :)

  5. Happy birthday to Charlotte. She is gorgeous. Love your quilt finish too and the new garden beds look great.

  6. The grandkids sure do grow up quick!
    Beautiful quilts, the sneak peek looks lovely. Happy quilting!

  7. Such a cutie - I hope she enjoyed her birthday. How exciting to get Love is to this stage - gorgeous - the pink works well with the yellow. I LOVE your sneaky peek!! Sounds like a full and busy weekend.

  8. Happy Birthday to your darling GD....gorgeous UFO....

  9. Happy birthday Charlotte :-) isn't it nice to finally move some UFOs it looks gorgeous .

  10. Lots of lovely things at your place ... little Charlotte is a real cutie, I love your beautiful quilt, your Christmas block is gorgeous and your garden is looking wonderful. xx

  11. She is so beautiful hard to believe it has been a year I started following you just before she was born. The sneak peak of the quilt isn't enough lol we want to see the whole thing.

  12. Such a cutie. Love the sneaky peek. I'm with Keryn - need to see it all. :)

  13. that year has flown, what a gorgeous little face and those eyes!..
    well done on your finishing your very old ufo! woo hoo.
    Garden is looking lovely and a beautiful sneeky peek..

  14. Happy birthday to the little cutie, a very special day indeed! Love your sneak peek, nice fabrics. If only the gardening was as quick and easy as visualizing the finished garden. What you've done will be great when it grows.

  15. Birthdays are so much fun at that age. Happy Birthday!
    Great finish on the quilt. Yes, not your normal colours, but still looking wonderful.
    Your garden is looking great. Lots of hard work but imagine how lovely it will look when it grows!

  16. Beautiful birthday girl and beautiful projects Michelle, you have been a busy lady.

  17. Dear Michelle, you lucky duck, that dear sweet girlie under the big hat looks just like you!
    Happy birthday to Charlotte, and I am loving that pink stitchery and binding - perfection! xx

  18. Happy birthday little Charlotte!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  19. Happy birthday for Charlotte, she looked lovely. Beautiful quilt en garden. Sometimes I think a garden is never finished ;-). Have a nice day

  20. Happy birthday to beautiful Charlotte. Your quilt looks lovely - well done for finishing a UFO! Any comments from the others in the cupboard?? Lol!! Garden looks amazing!

  21. A year already, wow that went fast! What a cutie. Yay on the UFO finish...looks great...

  22. Happy first Birthday to your granddaughter , she sure is a sweetie . Congrats on finishing your beautiful,quilt , it looks gorgeous and so does the sneak peak . Hugs Sheila

  23. Happy 1st birthday Charlotte.. Nice big pressies for you to open.
    I like the pink stitching and fabric on your quilt. Lovely finish.
    Your garden is looking good .

  24. Happy birthday to Charlotte !!

  25. Little Charlotte is such a cutie Michelle, and such a big girl now. "Love Is" is looking great. I did this one as a bom a few years ago too, but mines not quilted yet. Your sneaky peak project is looking gorgeous

  26. Hello Michelle,

    A special weekend for you celebrating Charlotte's first Birthday with some gardening and sewing as well.

    Have a great week.

  27. I can't believe she is one already! Happy birthday to Charlotte. xx

  28. Happy Birthday darling little Charlotte. I cant believe she is one already!

    Loving the sneaky peek ....

  29. happy birthday to Charlotte.. what a beautiful little girl she is growing into... you have been busy with your sewing and the garden... I am most impressed.... the finishe quilt looks just lovely and so does the sneaky peak...

  30. Happy birthday Charlotte, wow time has flown!! I love the quilt you have made for her-UFO or not!! But I am more drawn to your xmas stitching!


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